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 The Epistle – St. Paul's, Middlechurch-- Advent 2012

It has been an eventful few months and with this latest ( and very overdue ) Epistle, we will try to answer the question, “ What is going on at St. Paul's?” As you may know, it was decided that St. Paul's would follow a different path when it came time to commit to a union to one parish with St. Anne's, St. Martin's in the Field and St. Barnabas. That grouping is now known as the Trinity Anglican Ministry with Rev Liz Richens and Rev

Michael Bruce serving as parish priests. It was with sadness that we said goodbye to St. Anne's and Liz Richens at a service and picnic hosted by St. Paul's. Rather than head 'south', St. Paul's looked to a northern neighbour, St. Andrew's on the Red, and entered into an agreement to share a priest with them on a 60 % (St. Andrew's) and a 40 % ( St. Paul's) basis for a three year contract. It should be a good match as both parishes share a historic link, both parishes have cemeteries and both parishes are in rural areas experiencing growth. We are enjoying becoming acquainted with fellow Anglicans from St. Andrew's and the former parish of St. Thomas, Lockport and look forward to sharing services and fellowship 'down the road'.

On September 2nd we welcomed our new priest, Rev. Karen Laldin. She had just arrived from Newfoundland the previous evening but it certainly has not taken her long to get into the swing of things. The Service for the Celebration of New Ministry was held at St. Andrew's on October 9 th. There has also been special services for Harvest Thanksgiving, All Soul's Day and Remembrance Day. We are enjoying getting to know Karen and her husband Edmund, who is the incumbent at All Saints in downtown Winnipeg. Our time of service at St. Paul's continues to be 9:15 am. The service at St. Andrew's on the Red is held at 11:15 am and it takes the form of a youth service on the 4 th Sunday of the month.

Fear less, hope more, eat less, chew more, whine less, breathe more, talk less, say

more, hate less, love more and good things will be yours.  Swedish Proverb

In entering this new partnership, St. Paul's has taken a leap of faith. It will be a financial challenge to meet this commitment unless we are prepared to put every effort forward. We have an experienced priest who has the skills and resources to help us reach out to the community. We can sit and stagnate or commit to the future.

Dear God, In Sunday School they told us what You do. Who does it when you are on

vacation? Love, Jane

The children continue to enjoy Sunday School under the leadership of Norman Koe. Norm would welcome any assistance as former teacher, Amy Eisner, is now enjoying her recent retirement and the freedom to travel. Norm is preparing for the annual Christmas party with the Sunday School and the Brownies who meet at the church. The party will take place on Friday December 7 th from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Norm says: At the beginning of the service, Karen shares a children's homily with them. This is followed by a children's hymn. Then the children go downstairs for their lesson. We have 11 children registered in the Sunday School. We average 4 to 5 children every Sunday. I base the lesson on The Whole People of God Curriculum. The children are involved in the lesson by acting out various parts. By taking an active part in the lesson, they have a sense of ownership and there is less distraction. They also do a craft that is relevant to the lesson. This gives them a better insight on the lesson. The children also help out in the service by taking the offering.

Thatch your roof before rainy weather; dig your well before you become parched with

thirst. Chinese proverb

That ' little red roof ' you see in the distance is not a new Salisbury House; it is the metal roof on St. Paul's. Finding shingles on the grass after a windy day will be a thing of the past. The original plan was to put metal on the main body of the roof and then replace the side portions at the front with shingles after the bell tower had been repaired. However, the contrast between the new roof and the old area was so great that the consensus was to replace those two sections with metal as well. The roofing company has ordered the material and that portion should be completed in due course although not likely before 'rainy weather'. We are very grateful for the assistance of the Sir Thomas Cropo Foundation Inc. in helping us to preserve the church building for the future. The Foundation provided funds for one half of the cost of the original quote which was only for the roof covering the main body of the building and the bell tower roof and spire. Over the last several years, the Sir Thomas Cropo Foundation Inc has given three and a half million dollars to well over 150 religious and charitable organizations in the community and we sincerely thank them for their generosity. We still welcome donations to assist with the balance of the project. Come to church and have a look. You won't get a 'nip' but perhaps you will find something else that you have been hungering for.

“How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary

world.” William Shakespeare from The Merchant of Venice

As you may recall, St. Paul's was named a beneficiary of the estate of Curtis Crush. The Vestry has decided to place a bench in the cemetery in memory of Curtis and Ellen. It will be much appreciated by visitors and those wishing a quiet time of contemplation. Curtis also left a gift of $100,000 to Cancer Care Manitoba. You may be interested to learn that through the efforts of Ellen's nephew and Curtis' executor, Travis de Koning, it has been designated for a Studentship Fund, used to attract and sustain young researchers. The hope is that there will be a focus on kidney and renal cancer research. The Vestry also recently learned that St. Paul's was named a beneficiary of the estate of Mrs. Barbara Wainwright. Mrs. Wainwright had fond memories of St. Paul's. Her father had been head gardener in large estates in England, and she had a love of gardening as well and, along with her husband, Jim, she volunteered for the Assiniboine Park Conservatory. Perhaps it would be fitting to plant some trees in her honour on the church grounds, especially to replace those with the dreaded red dot. St. Paul's has been undertaking to 'throw that beam' as well. We have been collecting food donations for those in need. Jean Bailey delivers the items to the Food Bank in Selkirk where it is very gratefully received. The Food Bank especially require baby food and diapers as well as the usual food staples. We are also collecting Christmas gifts for Pregnancy Distress Family Support Services. Debbie Pansky will deliver what is donated to their location on Spence Street. 

In Scotland there is no such thing as “bad weather”-- only the wrong clothes.

Billy Connelly

Despite the uncertainty of the weather, the Christmas Luncheon and Bazaar was an unqualified success with proceeds totaling $515.80. Those who braved the threat of a snow storm had a most social time of visiting and shopping. Thanks to Madeline Woodroffe for keeping everything running smoothly as usual. Speaking of the 'wrong clothes', you will always be in style wearing the newest fashions from The House of St. Paul's. We have for sale a supply of blue T shirts in various sizes as well as cozy long- sleeved gray sweatshirts. They both feature a small logo of the lych gate in the upper corner and the words St. Paul Middlechurch. They would make excellent Christmas presents. You can even do your last minute shopping Christmas Eve if that is your tradition! The T shirts are available at the church for $10 and the sweatshirts are $15.

Church Sign: Come in and pray today...Beat the Christmas rush

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